Border with Belarus.  A bear tried to breach a Lithuanian dam

The accident occurred on August 18 in the Svencian region, 70 km northeast of Vilnius. TV3 refers to the Lithuanian border guards, which indeed confirms this The bear tried to break through the barrier on the border with Belarus.

The video shows the animal trying to climb over the fence, which it succeeds at first. bear He gives up only when he can get to Koknertina – Barbed wire over fortifications.

Animals have to deal with boundaries

The animal returned to the ground and tried to overcome the barrier, but also to no avail. TV3 reports that the predator likely wanted to reach northern Belarus, where bears are common. It can also be found in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania They rarely appear, but rather migrate between neighboring countries.

Despite the initial setbacks, it is likely that the animal has found a way out. After a dam was built on the border of Lithuania and Belarus, wild animals multiplied Most often they use border sections in the area of ​​\u200b\u200brivers and lakes.

Lithuanian border guards reported that in the summer of 2023 they recorded the presence of two bears.

Jablonski: I greatly appreciate R. Bąkiewicz for what he did in the independence march/Polsat News/Polsat News

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