Russia has a “sea” of expensive oil and fuel at the stations.  Federal service comes into effect

Russians do not often have reasons to complain about high fuel prices. After all, Russia is one of the world’s tycoons when it comes to its oil reserves. Meanwhile, fuel prices at Russian stations only a few days ago began to decline for the first time since last May.

Rosstat reports that in the week from September 25 to October 2, AI-92 gasoline prices fell by 21 kopecks to 51.14 rubles (2.23 PLN) per litreand AI-95 gasoline in the amount of 31 kopecks 56.16 rubles (2.45 PLN) per litre.

The fact that these rates are very high is proven by the fact that the Federal Antimonopoly Service asked oil companies and independent gas stations – Reducing fuel sales costs, taking into account petroleum products exchange prices – reported the Russian daily Kommersant.

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Fuel prices in Russia. FAS President appeals to oil companies

Maxim Zaskolsky, head of the FAS, said that oil companies and independent gas stations should reduce fuel prices at gas stations to “Economically justified levelBut he did not specify the exact prices.

At the same time, the Federal Antimonopoly Service does not recommend that the government increase restrictions on oil companies.

– Companies are not in an easy situation. It is necessary to take into account the situation and the need for investment, development, maintenance of production and maintenance of the factories themselves with full efficiency. We cannot allow this Any measures led to a decline in crude oil refining volumes – said Zaskolsky.

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