This chain has just opened its 300th store in Poland

The 300th store in Poland is the location in Elbląg, which currently employs 12 people. As the network confirms, this is an element of expansion in the northern part of the country.

“This opening is not only a milestone in the development of Action throughout the country, but it also demonstrates our desire to expand further in the northern part of Poland,” says Sławomir Nitek, General Manager of Action. “We want to reach more customers in this region.” . Work in Poland. The company does not hide the fact that it also wants to open other points in other parts of the country.

Until its debut in Poland six years ago, the company had already employed nearly 4,000 people in our market. the people. ““We will continue to expand our team because we want to strengthen our store teams, at the headquarters, as well as in our three distribution centers,” adds Sławomir Nitek.

Action store opening in Elbląg

Press materials

The Action House describes itself as “Europe’s fastest growing non-food discounter”. Although you can also buy food products there, the chain mainly focuses on selling household items, gardening tools and DIY tools. The company currently has 2.3 lakh. Stores in 11 countries.

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