They are banning coal imports.  The ministry wants to stabilize the situation in the country

Information about the blockade on coal imports from abroad She appeared in an account of her meeting on Monday with representatives of Solidarity's national hard coal mining section at the ministry's headquarters in Katowice, which was published in the profile of Industry Minister Marzena Czarnicka.

Meeting at the Ministry of Industry with representatives of miners

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Representatives of the social side on Monday asked among others: about the progress made in applying the notification to industry and the model of linking coal supplies and energy producers so that stable consumption of Polish coal is ensured – we read in the report.

This concerns the ongoing proceedings in Brussels regarding the amendment to the application of the notification of the Social Agreement signed in May 2021, which regulates the principles and pace of the phase-out of thermal coal mines in Poland by 2049. The request submitted by the previous government to the European Commission in this regard turned out to be flawed.

They will ban coal imports

In contrast, the need to develop a model of cooperation between mining and energy has already been announced by Minister Czarnica and Minister of Assets Boris Budka, among others. The day the ministry was established, i.e. March 1, but no details have been received about this cooperation yet.

Minister Czarnica announced that an agreement has been signed with an experienced law firm specializing in state aid cases, which will comprehensively improve the application so that it can be processed in a very intensive manner. The Competition and Consumer Protection Office also participated in the case – as we read in the report.

Intensive work is also being done to manage surplus coal. The Ministry of Industry banned the import of coal from abroad. Minister Czarnica added that 2024 will be very difficult in terms of coal management, because the trade agreements concluded by previous boards, including that of PGE Paliwa, are still in place, but in 2025 the MP hopes to alleviate this problem. Representatives said.

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