New data from the Central Bureau of Statistics.  More than 15 million people work, so what do the rest do?

Anticipating the question “what does the rest do” (since “only” 15 million work), we hasten to report Last year, approximately 7.8 million people received pensions and pensions from ZUS (We still have ministerial retirees.) Let us add to this non-working children and young people – and from this comparison it becomes clear that the mentioned 15 million workers represent a powerful group that contributes to the Polish GDP and pays contributions and taxes.

As of the last day of November 2023, there were 15,166.5 thousand in the national economy. a job. The mean age was 42.6 years, and the median age was 42 years. The average age and average age of workers in the national economy were the same for women and men – the Central Statistical Office reported.

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