Eurojackpot – results on 08/23/22.  Numbers from the last draw

The jackpot was not won in the Eurojackpot draw on Tuesday. However, in Poland there was a second-class win worth more than one million zlotys. In the next draw on Friday, you will be able to play for 80 million PLN.

Tuesday, August 23 Eurojackpot The following figures are drawn: 2And the 9And the 18And the 21And the 39 And the 4 And the 10.

Eurojackpot – win

The main win did not come in Tuesday’s draw.

However, there were four second-tier wins, including one in Poland. The winnings are exactly PLN 1,085,616.40. It must be remembered that 10% is calculated for every win over PLN 2,280. tax. As we read on the lottery site, it is collected when the winnings are paid and transferred by Totalizator Sportowy to the tax office.

In the next drawing, on Friday, August 26, 80 million PLN will be won.

Eurojackpot – rules of the game, tie

Eurojackpot is a European numbers game launched in March 2012. On September 9, 2017, Totalizator Sportowy, owner of the Lotto brand, introduced it to the Polish market. More than a dozen European countries participate in the game.

From the end of March this year. Draws are held on Tuesdays and Fridays. Previously, it was only Fridays.

The wagering fee is PLN 12.50. The player chooses 5 of 50 numbers and 2 of 12 numbers.

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