Thirteenth and fourteenth retirement.  Indexing pensions and annuities in 2024?  There is an advertisement

The pensions are scheduled to be indexed in 2024 in next year’s budget – Detailed calculations related to the indexation of pension and bonus amounts have been included in the draft government regulation, but it is not yet certain whether they will be accepted.

The budget will include money for additional benefits and indexation of existing benefits – this is confirmed by the current government.

Next year, retirees can count on an increase in the amount of pensions paid – This was announced by the Minister of Family and Social Policy, Marlena Malge from the Law and Justice Party.

The increase in pensions is due to the continuing high level of inflationThis is especially annoying for the elderly. In September, inflation fell below the 10% barrier for the first time since February 2022. It reached 8.2 percent.Further declines are scheduled for next year. However, retirees still spend a lot of money from their daily budget not only on food and bills, but also on medicines and health care.

The value of retirement benefits is expected to rise by at least 12.3% next year. If that happens, then minimum pension In 2024 the total amount will reach about PLN 1,782while Average pension (Total 3.5 thousand Polish zlotys) It will be higher by more than PLN 430 total – Gazeta Wyborcza reports.

Additional benefits are also scheduled for next year – Annuities 13 and 14.

13. Every retiree receives a retirement pension, regardless of the value of the reward granted to him. Its amount is equivalent to the minimum pension applicable as of March 1, 2023 – and amounts to a total of PLN 1,588.44. Payment of PLN 13 for next year is scheduled for April 2024.

14. Pension is a benefit guaranteed annually by law and paid to pensioners receiving basic pensions amounting to a total of PLN 2,900 -Then the “PLN for PLN” principle applies. Pensions are paid on the same dates as pensions – the extra money will also be paid, similar to this year, in October next year. You do not need to submit any applications to receive it.

The benefit was paid for the first time in 2021.

this year fourteen The total amount amounted to PLN 2,650, i.e. approximately PLN 2,200 net. According to calculations, of the 9 billion receiving pensions, as many as 6.8 billion elderly people will receive them in full. However, the law provides for the possibility of setting a higher amount for the fourteenth pension. The Council of Ministers must, no later than October 31 of the year, determine its amount in accordance with a regulation.

According to ZUS calculations at the end of July, in the case of people receiving the main benefit between 2,900 zloty and 4,438.44 zloty, the pension will be reduced according to the principle of zloty for zloty.

The cost of indexing next year’s pensions, including the indexation of the thirteenth and fourteenth pensions, will be equivalent to 43 billion Polish zlotys – Minister Malig said.

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