June 3, 2023


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Mr Zbigniew lost his car because he rarely used it.  Something strange in the parking lot

Mr Zbigniew lost his car because he rarely used it. Something strange in the parking lot

Polsat News “Intervention” reporters presented the story of Mr. Zbigniew from Poznan. 15 years ago, an old and sick man bought one stronghold Mondeo. At first, he often used it, driving his mother to doctors and rehabilitation. He also used to travel to the street where his garden was.

He used the car infrequently, so the city police pulled him away

In 2019, Mr. Zbigniew’s mother passed away. Since then, the car has been parked in the local parking lot, almost unused. Mr. Zbigniew performed all necessary technical inspections. The car is also locked. In early November 2021, he suddenly disappeared from car park.

Zbigniew said on the “Intervention” program, confirming that the car was old, but in good technical condition, had mandatory license plates and air in the tires.

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In addition, she was washed and shot at least once a month. For this reason, Mr. Zbigniew did not understand why his car was taken away. Especially since no one has ever reported it as a problem or bothering someone.

As it turned out, the car was towed away at the request of the housing association. take over city ​​guard Work at the local police station and know the residents of the estate.

From the moment the car disappeared, Mr. Zbigniew tried to find out what had happened to her. He visited various municipal police stations. no avail. He also contacted the Municipal Road Authority in Poznan. Then it turned out that the car became the property of the city, because the deadline for the six months to collect it had passed. In the end, the car was scrapped and Mr. Zbigniew’s personal belongings disappeared. but that is not all. A Poznan resident adds that he now has to pay PLN 400 for it pulls away your car.

An employee of the municipal police in Poznan, in an interview with reporters from “Intervention”, explained that “a car without registration plates or its condition indicating that it is not in use, can be removed from the road.” In theory, the situation that happened to Mr Zbigniew could affect any driver in the country.

Source: polsatnews.pl

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