Delphine Morissette shared a stunning new cast photo

We can confidently say that Delphine Morissette shined on stage in the musical this summer the hairMore and more established in the art world.

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Among the few projects we were able to see her in, the daughter Véronique Cloutier And Louis Morissette Always a breath of fresh air.

On Monday, the former columnist took to his Instagram account good evening The talented artist shared a great casting photo taken by the photographer, Andréanne Gauthier.

Although nothing has been officially announced regarding possible projects, we can only hope that this new photo shoot foreshadows exciting projects to come for this talented young lady.

Under this black and white photo, Delphine, who recently enjoyed a romantic trip to Paris, simply praised the artistic team behind this photo shoot.

In the comments section, many showered praises on the actor’s pairing Anthony Bouchard.

We join them and hope he shines in new art projects soon!

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