Poland's first airport capsule hotel.  The offer is not for everyone

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Capsule hotel fashion came to us from Japan. Instead of rooms, guests rent mini pods in which only a bed is at their disposal. Although there is little space in it, there is room for luggage for example. Many passengers praise this solution, because you can renew by paying much less than the cost of staying in a traditional hotel.

In Poland, we can find many such facilities, but they were not located in airports so far. The port in the modlin rubbed arcade Open the first capsule the hotel Only at the airport. It is an automated lounge where passengers can relax and unwind before their flight. to polish market It was introduced by the Italian company Zzzleepandgo Lounge, which provides guests with capsules, incl. at airports in MilanOr Verona or Turin or Vienna.

What does the capsule hotel offer?

Zzzleepandgo Lounge offers six fully automated cabins, in which, apart from the bed, guests have access to Wi-Fi, charging connectivity, USB connections and a touch screen TV. The downside is that there is no bathroom on the premises, so clients will have to use public toilets, and “hotel day” is non-standard. You can stay in it from 8:00 pm until 8:00 am The fly4free.pl portal has learned that this is due to health restrictions related to the Coronavirus, as well as the need for thorough cleaning.

You have to pay about PLN 100 to rent a cabin. Can be booked via The operator’s website.

Source: modlinairport.pl / fly4free.pl / zzzleepandgo.com

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