They took the war to the World Cup!  Scandalous behavior of a football player in Qatar!

Shaqiri and Shaka have had a longstanding problem with the Serbs

Xherdan Shakeri and his Swiss colleague Shaka granite Who has roots in Kosovo, was sanctioned by FIFA for his political gestures at the World Cup four years ago, but has never come to his senses.

During the last match in the group stage against Serbia Xhaka, in a dispute with the Serbian reserve players, grabbed his genitals. The behavior is not only uncultured, but also provocative.

FIFA has threatened to launch an investigation into the matter, but has not yet done so.

Before the match against Portugal, Shaqiri was asked about Xhaka’s antics. How did he react? As expected: instead of soberly assessing the situation, he began to show incomprehensible solidarity with his colleague.

You always exaggerate these behaviors. Granite knows best what to do. You should ask the people who caused this conflict

Shugairi bounced the ball.

“I didn’t see the incident, I only saw a photo on social media. I don’t think Granit wants to ‘greet’ anyone like that – he added.

It’s hot in the interview area after the Portugal-Switzerland match

It was even hotter in the interview area after the match against Portugal. Switzerland, broken 1-6, dumped Shaqiri in front of reporters.

Barely told in two sentences that Portugal were better in every element and deserved to win, despite the efforts of “Helvets” (“You see how beautiful goals the Portuguese score”), when The Serbs nailed Xherdan to the wall. Ask the question out loud and firmly:

“Why did you provoke the Serbian masses?!”

– Dude, I’m doing my job – I’m scoring goals, okay? I fired twice. I am an attacking player and scorer – and he confirmed it, although he scored the first goal against the Serbs. The following two versions of the movie “Helvets” were composed Brill Empolo and Remo Florel.

– You shot my friend twice, okay? Shakiri repeated his mantra, looking the Serb straight in the eye.

Seeing the situation escalate, FIFA’s press officer in charge of the Swiss national team announced: “The last question!”.

After a while, Shakiri disappeared into the locker room.

Shaqiri and Shaka already missed the World Cup in Russia

Four years ago, Shaka and Shaqiri, after their goals in the World Cup, showed in their hands the double-headed eagle, which is the coat of arms of Albania. In addition, Sheridan painted the flag of Kosovo on one shoe and the flag of Switzerland on the other.

Xhaka’s parents are Albanians from Kosovo. Recep’s father was imprisoned and beaten when Kosovo was part of Yugoslavia and he was fighting for its independence. His older brother by one year Taulant represents Albania, In 30 matches, he scored one goal for them.

Four years ago, FIFA sanctioned Shaka and Shaqiri, not for political provocation, but for “public provocation in general.”

Former Kosovo president and now Kosovo millionaire Behgit Bakoli has announced that if FIFA imposes any penalty on Xhaka, they will pay for it. No matter what size it may be.

From Doha Michelle Pionski, Intrea

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