Ukraine wants to erase its myths from history.  "Everything will be forgotten" Becca Blah

Anatoly Timoshuk is one of the greatest characters football players In the history of Ukraine. He played up to 144 matches in the national team, played in the 2006 World Cup, where Ukraine reached the quarter-finals, and in Euro 2012 And 2016. The midfielder is angry at the fact that he did not talk about the invasion of his homeland by Russian troops, and in addition to this he is still an assistant coach. Zenith Saint Petersburg. Timoshuk’s lawyer informed that because of the sanctions against Russia The man will not be able to pay child support for his two daughters, Noah and Mia.

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“I got goosebumps.” The Ukrainian footballer responded to the decision of the Poles [SPORT.PL LIVE #16]

Ukraine wants to punish Anatoly Timoshuk. It is better to erase it from memory and history

Ukrainian Federation Nuna Peaks can be punished Anatoly Timoshuk For his position since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The local ethics committee would like to erase the aide from Ukrainian history peaks. What penalties is he proposing? Speech including. On depriving Tymoszczuk of his license training And all the awards he received from the Federation and the State. In addition, the Ukrainians want to expunge him from the record of players and deprive him of the titles and achievements that Timoshuk scored in the Ukrainian national team and in clubs. Leagues Ukrainian.

At the moment, these sanctions will not come into effect as they will be discussed by the Ukrainian Federation. It seems that Anatoly Timoshuk is no longer considered the legend of Ukrainian acting by the Ukrainians themselves. – It’s hard to get a comment here, but oddly enough, he doesn’t speak. In my opinion, this is not true. One hundred percent is not and will not be a Ukrainian legend anymore balls. Everything he has achieved will be forgotten – Ruslan Malinovsky, player of Atalanta Bergamo, said:.

It came with a similar assumption Yevhen Litzenko, ex-teammate of Timoshuk’s staff. – Tula, you are with UkraineHow can you shut up and keep working there? We played with the national team together, proudly wore her jersey, and listened to the national anthem. We used to win and lose together, and now you just keep quiet? – asked Levchenko.

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