January 27, 2023


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Bayern cheated, but Lewandowski scored "50".  The righteous will not get him out of the rhythm of Pekka Nonoo

Bayern cheated, but Lewandowski scored “50”. The righteous will not get him out of the rhythm of Pekka Nonoo

Bayern For the last match of the season 2021/22 in the Bundesliga he went to Wolfsburg. Even before the first whistle, things were heated up at the Volkswagen Arena. good shine Salih Hamidic. The Bayern Munich manager stood in front of the Sky Sports cameras and after a while his words spread around the world.

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Salihamidzic, right before the match, lit up the atmosphere

For weeks, the media speculated that Robert Lewandowski Club colors can be changed. Just before the start of the meeting in Wolfsburg, Salihamidzic confirmed what the journalists had written. – I spoke to Robert Lewandowski and he told me that he would not accept the contract extension offer and that he wanted to leave the club – Bayern Munich sporting director admitted.

Activists’ statements were not rushed Lewandowski Shooting rhythm. The transfer confusion appears to have nothing to do with the “left” orientation. The 33-year-old at the Volkswagen Arena was active from the first minutes and joined in the following attacks.

Lewandowski hit the net. This is the 50th goal this season

His friends were looking for him with pass passes, but only in the 40th minute did the Pole get an accurate pass. He took the ball at 17 metres Müller And with great accuracy he played in the penalty area. There jumped at most LewandowskiWho barely touched the ball, and it fell into the net next to the post. For the sniper, it was the 50th hit of the 2021/22 season.

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Thomas Muller will receive 20 million euros annually. Big increase for Bayern Munich star

Lewandowski consolidated Bayern’s lead to 2:0 with his goal. Earlier, Stanisić entered the list of shooters. Use the Excellent Accidental Defensor Kimmich A corner kick went to Castiels, who didn’t have a chance to respond appropriately.

Bikers Wolfsburg They also have their chances. In the 14th minute, Noera saved the post after a Lacroix shot. In turn, in the 45th minute, Wind showed a strong blow and the hosts received Bayern Munich before the break. The 23-year-old was congratulated by Lewandowski himself, who was impressed by the performance of his opponent.

Bayern respond to the departure of Lewandowski.  They dream of Sadio ManeBayern respond to the departure of Lewandowski. They dream of Sadio Mane

Bayern failed again and only drew with Wolfsburg

Bayern have been far from optimal in recent weeks. In the previous two rounds, he lost to Mainz and drew with Stuttgart. The defensive stance in these meetings would sometimes cry out to Heaven for revenge. It was no different today. Wolfsburg players took advantage of that after the end of the first half. Kruse used his 58th minute “nap” moment and it was 2:2.

Both teams finally exchanged points. Outsiders rushed to the end, but Lewandowski and Chupo-Moting lacked competence. Bayern ended the season with a 2-2 draw with Wolfsburg. He finished the matches in first place with 77 points. Lewandowski was the main character of the team, scoring 35 goals.