Volleyball World Cup: a sensation in the Polish group.  Mexico beat Bulgaria

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The start of the match was for the Bulgarians who defeated the Mexicans and were ahead 8: 1. Later in the group, the candidates in this match dominated the score, although it was noticeable that the Mexicans were improving.

This translated into two more sets taken by Central American volleyball players. Interestingly, the Mexicans with less experience fought for victories almost to the end and in both cases were on top after equal ends.

For most of the fourth inning, it looked like the Mexicans would close the game without having to play in the tiebreak. The stair began when the Central American volleyball players were leading at 20:16 and were one step closer to the final victory. The Bulgarians immediately sensed the weakest moment of their rivals, tied in 21:21 and eventually tied.

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