They played in cult hits, and then disappeared.  What's up with them?  Oscar was the director of TVP, and Rysio became a photographer

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Message Storewho gained great recognition thanks to his role in “Chłopaki nie crying” or Majorzata KochuskaKnown as “Keller”, she remains to this day one of the greatest stars of Polish cinema. However, not all actors who took their first steps in comedy followed suit. Despite the fact that Karolina Rosińska or Tomasz Bajer predicted a huge career, they, along with many other well-known people from cult comedies, were lost for many years.

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Wojciech Kalata

Contrary to popular opinion, Oscar’s role in “Chłopaki nie crying” was not his first. Klata began his career as a child actor, but after starring in the comedy by Olaf Lubaszenko, he gave up filming in favor of working in television. became involved with TVPHe hosted the game show “Burza Mózgów” and the talk show “Socjopaci”. In 2019, he took over the duties of Director of TVP Kultura for a short period.

'Boys do not Cry'‘Boys do not Cry’ Screen: Boys Don’t Cry, Der. Olaf Lobazenko, 2000

Wojciech KalataWojciech Kalata Youtube

Tomas Bäger

The “Chick” from the movie “Boys Don’t Cry” soon gave up on his media career. In 2011, he moved to Australia, where he ran the blog Laska na wave travel for four years. In an interview with Onet in 2020, he revealed that he lived in Norway for some time, but at some point he started having problems finding a job. He returned to Poland, where in 2018 he completed a PDR technician course and now deals with the removal of varnish-free scratches from car bodies.

'Boys do not Cry'‘Boys do not Cry’ “Boys Don’t Cry” screen, Olaf Lobaszenko, 2000

Tomas BägerTomas Bäger Youtube

Carolina Rosinska

It seems that after “Coyote’s Morning”, where she played Noemi, Karolina Rosińska will have a giant career. Unfortunately, this did not happen. The actress went to the United States, where she lived a total of 15 years. In 2013, in “A Question for Breakfast,” she said that despite the fact that she was honing her skills and attending actors’ shows, her work had ceased to please her. After returning to Poland, she played several episodic roles in films and SeriesSo I gave up acting for good. After her disappearance from the media, Rosińska began teaching English, and also took up the translation of texts.

“Morning Wolf” Screen “Morning coyote”, Olaf Lobazenko, 2001.

Carolina RosenzkaCarolina Rosenzka TVP

Bożena Stryjkówna

When “Sexmission” appeared in cinemas in 1984, the Poles did not talk about anything else for a long time. However, the actress who played Lamia was soon forgotten. It’s no secret that Buena Strigcona She got the role largely thanks to her marriage to Juliusz Machulski, who was the director of comedy and wanted to make his wife a star. After the success of Sexmission, her career came to a halt. It is true that she received offers to star in subsequent films, but she refused all of them, claiming that they were not a challenge to her. Soon, her love life collapsed and she divorced Matulsky. The actress did not marry again. Currently, he is completely devoted to acting in theatrical productions. He also runs workshops for young people at the Theater Center at Ushuta Theatre.

Bożena StryjkównaBożena Stryjkówna Screen WFDiF – Studio Filmowe Kadr

Bożena StryjkównaBożena Stryjkówna

Patricia Dorska

In the movie “Morning Coyote” she played Naomi’s girlfriend who said Cuba would invite her to Vanessa’s club. She also claimed that waiters are the worst people in the world. It wasn’t a big role, but it did leave its mark on the movie. After the cult comedy, she did not play in anything famous. However, he is still working on the set. She once appeared in the series “Belfer”, “Szóstka” or “Na Wspolna“Currently, we can watch it on the stage of the Ludowy Theater in Krakow.

Patricia DorskaPatricia Dorska TV Youth screen

Patricia DorskaPatricia Dorska Screen ewejsciowki

Maciej Kotersky

Do you remember little Peter from the first two parts of “Kogel-mogel”? Play Maciej Kotersky. However, he did not appear in the revitalizing comedy. The screenwriter, Ilona Łepkowska, revealed in an interview with the Jastrząb Post portal, that he was lost in the acting community. It is only known that he is most likely living abroad now.

In the third part we found out what was happening to him and what I remember him living abroad. Ilona Łepkowska said that his fate had nothing to do with acting or in the media.

Piotruś Wolański - Played by Maciej Koterski - Piotruś Wolański – Played by Maciej Koterski – “Kogel mogel” Photo: movie frame

Well, the examples presented are further evidence that even one role in a very popular film does not guarantee a long career.

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