The premiere of “Napoleon” is approaching.  There’s a new trailer

On November 24, Ridley Scott’s film “Napoleon” with Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role will be released in Polish cinemas. A new trailer for this stunning production has been released online.

In the trailer we see, among others: Parts of amazing battle sequences, as well as Napoleon at the pyramids And the symbolic moment in which he places the crown on his head.

“Napoleon” displays Bonaparte’s path to power through the prism of his relationship with Josephine. According to the announcement, the film will show his wise military and political tactics. We will also see some of them on screen The most dynamic battle sequences ever filmed.

In addition to Joaquin Phoenix, the film’s cast includes: Vanessa Kirby (as Josephine), as well as Ben Miles, Matthew Needham, Tahar Rahim, Youssef Karkour, and Phil Cornwell. The author of the script is David Scarpa.

The Polish man who has been working with Ridley Scott for years is responsible for the “Napoleon” pictures – Darius Wolski.

The last season of the series “The Crown”. The first part will be shown in November

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