Dwayne Johnson He had a dream – he wanted to make a movie about Black Adam. Apparently, as a child, he loved this hero and was waiting for his film debut. Years passed and nothing like this happened. Even in animated productions, this hero was omitted or appeared sporadically. So Dwayne decided to take matters into his own hands. He convinced the WB decision makers to commission him to play this character. It seems to me that these negotiations did not last long. Like oxygen, the DCU needs projects that draw people to movie theaters. After signing the contract, The Rock went to the gym to increase his muscle tissue. I didn’t know it was still possible in his case, but still! A movie about the Shazam antagonist is now showing on cinema screens all over the world.

The film takes place in the fictional state of Kandak, which is ruled by mercenaries who terrorize its inhabitants. Their goal is to drain the Earth of all mineral resources, especially the precious Ethereum. Society has had enough of this. There is a revolution in the air. The only thing missing is a leader who can motivate civilians to fight. Adrianna Tomaz (Sarah Shahi), who is trying to find an artifact with helpers, grows up to be such a person. While searching in a temple, the heroine summons the former hero, Teth Adam (Dwayne Johnson). His arrival brings home the Justice Society of America composed of Hawkman (Aldis Hodge), Dr. Viet (Pierce Brosnan), Atom Smasher (Noah Centineo) and Cyclone (Quintessa Swindell). By order of Amanda Waller (Viola DavisThey have to capture Teth Adam and bring him to a special prison. The fight begins – not only for the future of Kahndaq, but also for the freedom of her warrior.

black Adam It stands out from other DCU products. It’s pretty brutal, but it’s not as dark as previous titles from this universe. It also has a completely different meaning. Jaume Colette Serra, co-creator of the children’s movement with Liam Neeson, asks questions about who exactly the man we can call a hero and what heroism really is. Everyone can define it differently. For the people of the country, Kandaq Teth Adam is the salvation and hero they have long awaited. However, to the rest of the world, he is just a monster that seeks to destabilize a region where peace has prevailed for years. It is not clear, because the actions of the hero are completely different from what the heroes have done so far. A person’s life means nothing to him. He thinks he is a god and behaves this way. Anyone who gets in his way is eliminated. And in a somewhat brutal way.

I must admit that Warner Bros. It was purified by casting. Dwayne Johnson is a great superhero. He does not go off like in his other films. He is more serious and sophisticated. In addition, as I mentioned at the beginning, he has increased his muscle mass, thanks to which he looks like a real hero even without special effects or a bloated costume. This is especially evident in scenes with other actors – for example, those of the American Justice Society. Pierce Brosnan and Aldis Hodge focus on this group. Gentlemen work great together. I get the impression that they had a lot of fun during the recordings. Pierce as Dr. Fate is perfect. It emphasizes a certain elegance and calmness of this character. On the other side is Hawkman – the leader who believes only in strength. Pulses first, then asks questions. I have to admit that this version of Hawkman (which is already the fourth in the DC world of film and television) is one of my favorites. Aldis shows this claw well and the bloated ego of his character.

In addition, Sarah Shahi can easily play the new version of Lara Croft. As a rebel, Adriana is perfect. I hope to see her again in the DCU. Her heroine is the equivalent of Jane Foster in this universe, although there is no place for romance here. There is only a desire for revenge and a fight for justice.

Quintessa Swindell as Cyclone is the weakest of the group. I had the impression that this character was forced to participate in the story. It brings nothing essential to it. If it wasn’t there, viewers wouldn’t feel it. Aside from some slow motion scenes and two spoken lines while the computer is on, her heroine has nothing to do here. This is wasted potential. It’s a pity, because Quintessa has an acting talent, which we saw in the series trance.

I will not charm anyone here – the script black Adam Not surprisingly. This is a story about how the title character became the protector of the land of Kandaq. And I must admit that I have no higher expectations. This is an entertaining action packed movie about superheroes. Of course, the plot is very predictable. Of course, we know from the start who will win and who will lose. so what? The humour, amazing fights and explosions are commendable. To be honest, there are some shortcomings in terms of special effects in some scenes. However, it is not as pronounced as in recent Marvel productions.

black Adam meet my expectations. It may not be a perfect production, but it does provide a lot of entertainment. I would like to see the second part. Especially after what the creators gave us in the post-credits scene. May these not be empty promises.

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