February 2, 2023


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They move about 1000 km / h. A hyperloop port will be built in Europe

HyperloopTT has announced the construction of the first port for its hypersonic vehicles in Europe. First, a merchandise network will be created. Business will start this year.


The technology offered by HyperloopTT is based on rail magneticthat move on a private infrastructure. The capsules, accelerating at a speed of 965 km / h, will work at full distance. Overseeing the entire network will be from the command center: HyperPort.

At the moment, the company wants to focus on the development of the transport network, which may be the basis for the application of this technology in passenger traffic in the future. HyperloopTT confirms that vehicles xeromycinBecause they use renewable energy sources. If all goes according to plan, the Hyperloop will reach Europe within 4 years.

HyperPort | A sustainable high-speed shipping solution

It is worth emphasizing that this is not the only company working on magnetic fast vehicles. This type of train is being developed, among others, in China. Currently, in the testing phase, it accelerates to 600 km / h, which makes it the fastest land vehicle. In the end, you should be faster and move at 700 km / h.


The company responsible for the project, China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation, uses the technology maglev. It causes the train to fly over the tracks thanks to the electromagnetic field. In this way, the friction between the car and the bars is eliminated, which allows it to develop high speeds.