What if the price at checkout in the store differs from the price on the shelf?

Many people assume that the price at checkout must be the same as the price on the shelf and don’t check the bill at all. Indeed, it should be so, but it is not always. It may happen that we will take the merchandise that the promotion encourages, and in fact we will pay the normal price for it. Such situations should not happen and the law is on our side then.

When you realize the cash register is priced higher than the one on the shelf, don’t be afraid to step in.

In the event of a discrepancy between the price in the cash register and the price on the shelf or in the price list, the consumer has the right to demand that the goods or services be sold at the best price for him.

– The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection confirms.

Don’t be fooled by the excuse that there was a bug in the system or that someone couldn’t update the label. You have the right to purchase the product at the price that is posted on the shelfEven if the cash register and reader show something else. It is the store’s responsibility to update prices, and they must not be misleading. And if this happens, the entrepreneur bears the costs.

Of course, you can also cancel the purchase completely. It’s your decision. However, you definitely don’t have to agree to paying a higher price.

Price differences on the shelf and at the checkout or lack of information about the cost of a particular product are illegal practices and cannot be used in any store

– confirms UOKiK.

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