How much can you save on PPK?  Record account balance

– The capital of the highest balance in the PPK account is more than PLN 660,000. PLN – Barusz Marczuk, vice president of the Polish Development Fund, told Business Insider. According to the site’s findings, this is not the only such case.

The amount collected on a PPK account is on average 4.8 thousand PLN. zlotys. The average payments for the PPK account, excluding employer subsidies, should not exceed PLN 150.

How to collect more than 660.000 zlotys on the account? “BI” estimates that the record holder will have to earn an average of about PLN 472,000 per month. Total PLN, and assuming payments in the maximum amount (also from the employer), the amount is less than half. If this person saves in PPK from the beginning of the program, then his account will have to be credited with about PLN 16.5 thousand every month. zlotys.

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How much can you save on PPK?

Let us remind you that Employee Capital Plans are an idea of ​​the United Whig Government to save for future retirement. As we wrote in, more than 2.5 million Poles save money under PPK. In total, almost 13 billion Polish zlotys accumulated in their accounts.

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