They block the sun.  What was considered a fantasy has become a reality

Naturally, there are two basic questions: why are they doing this and how will they achieve their goal? Answer number one: It's about preparing a backup plan in case there are further uncontrolled increases in temperatures on Earth. If all other less invasive methods fail, limiting the amount of sunlight may be a last resort for humanity and all inhabitants of the blue planet.

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The entire project is led by scientists from the University of Washington. It was their work that conducted experiments in the San Francisco Bay Area. A nozzle aboard the aircraft carrier Hornet was used to release microscopic particles of sea salt. They were released into the atmosphere, and the researchers wanted to see how this would affect the potential reflection of sunlight.

Thus, I have provided a partial answer to the second question. Of course, this type of activity is being carried out so far on a very small scale, but the goal is not to have a real impact on the climate situation. Instead, engineers are examining options and admit that if a large-scale operation were to take place, it would require the use of huge machines that release astonishing amounts of light-reflecting particles.

Scientists suggest that by blocking out the sun – at least partially – it would be possible to prevent temperatures on Earth from rising

Clouds have a natural ability to reflect light and there's no need to convince anyone that staying in the shade means feeling cooler than it does in full sun. American scientists know this and want to help natural cloud formation mechanisms. To do this, they inject sea salt particles into the atmosphere, where they fuel the formation of additional clouds.

Although this approach seems effective, there are many dissenting voices – also in the scientific community. Some experts believe that acting on a planetary scale would mean too much interference with Earth's climate. Let us imagine a situation where such a “game” would free up ocean circulation and precipitation patterns. This could have a catastrophic impact on ecosystems all over our planet.

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On the other hand, it is no wonder that climate scientists are looking for alternatives. And they test even the craziest options. Predictions that were considered too pessimistic and implausible ten years ago are now turning out to be terrifyingly real. If temperatures continue to rise at the current rate, the situation could become dire much faster than anyone expected.

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