War is a tragedy not only for people.  Black sea dolphins are dying en masse

Scientists responsible for monitoring the Black Sea and its creatures do not have good news. Domestic dolphins are dying as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Dolphins are found on the shores of the Black Sea bordering Ukraine, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, Georgia, Romania and Moldova. Some of them fell victim to the explosion. There are burns on their bodies, the animals also have internal injuries and they appear to be hungry.

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Ivan Rousseff, scientific director of the Ukrainian Tuzla Estuary National Nature Park, described the whole situation on Facebook. He adds that the data that he and his team, as well as researchers from all over Europe, were able to collect, allow us to believe that several thousand dolphins have recently died as a result of the hostilities. More pictures and comments can be found on this issue at this address.

Ecologists estimate that at least several thousand dolphins have already died as a result of the war

The Ukrainian side was not the only one concerned with the scale of the problem. Environmentalists from Turkey spoke in the same vein. The local Marine Research Foundation reports that the war has had a devastating impact on the marine environment. Of course, the crisis does not only affect dolphins. Red algae are also in danger, and their presence is associated with the presence of many different species.

It is estimated that there were as many as 250,000 dolphins in the waters of the Black Sea before the war. It is unclear how many of them died or were seriously injured. The more likely the future prospects are not very optimistic. Scientists warn of the leakage of toxic substances such as petroleum. The species is threatened not only by explosions and pollution, but also by ship noise and signals emitted by low-frequency sonar.

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The conflict outside our eastern borders has been going on for more than 100 days, and this kind of news shows just how catastrophic the war is. It is likely that the actual scale of the environmental disaster related to the Russian attack will only be known within a few months or possibly even years.

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