Strong Subject (2024) – Review and opinion about the film [Netflix].  Big hype and scandal are not enough

With the lines between fact and fiction increasingly blurred these days, Scoop 2024 emerges as a dramatic reminder of the power and consequences of investigative journalism.

Based on Sam McAllister's book Scoops: Behind the Scenes of the BBC's Most Shocking Interviews, this Netflix drama looks behind the scenes at one of the most controversial interviews in British television history.

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The film directed by Philip Martin (including Night Sky, Poirot and The Crown) tells the story of, among other things, ambitious journalist Emily Maitlis (Gillian Anderson), who uncovers shocking details of the sex scandal involving Prince Andrew (Rufus Sewell).

Strong Subject (2024) – Movie Review [Netflix]. A pen in the service of truth, but it is fickle and weak

“Strong Subject” is a film that will certainly generate a lot of controversy. The story of the sex scandal involving Prince Andrew is still fresh in the minds of many peopleThe Netflix image reveals some previously unknown details of the case, while coloring them “slightly.”

The screenplay by Peter Morgan (including “One Ordinary Day” and “Your Honor”) is skillfully written, but lacks flair. Although Morgan skillfully combined fact and fiction (some edits were made), he didn't engage me enough to call it a suspenseful story. The dialogues are very good. The film, its speed and dynamics depend mainly on it.

The characters, drawn with great attention to detail, also do their job. And although I love feature films/TV series, there was something missing here. Even scandal could not overcome the void, dynamic as it may seem, an event that begins somewhere at the beginning, disappears halfway through, and ends up fading away altogether at the end.. The day is saved by the performance of Gillian Anderson, who plays Emily Maitlis with real acting skill, but that's little consolation. One actress can steal the show, but she won't elevate an average movie.

Strong Subject (2024) – Movie Review [Netflix]. Uncensored photo? as if

Strong Theme - Movie Review - Netflix

The “strong theme” keeps you on the edge of your seat sometimes, but then you let go after a while. This stark contrast makes one get lost in this supposedly simple, yet terrible and well-known story. As a result, I felt like I was wasting my time. It was supposed to be a moving story about courage, determination, and the fight for the truth, but it turned out to be an ordinary, insignificant interview for a local TV station. I wouldn't say that the film shows the behind the scenes of journalistic investigation and the enormous pressure that the media puts on public figures, but it lacks any of the greater emotions, feelings and drama that a film should have in a film. Confronting such an important topic/scandal.

Philip Martin is not afraid to show the dark sides of British aristocracy. The film exposes the hypocrisy and corruption of elites, as well as the cruelty of the popular press. But it's a kind of mild criticism of the institution. The call for honesty and transparency in the media is important, even necessary and required, but what is important is the form in which it is presented to viewers..

Elements that were supposed to heighten the drama do not do so at all. On the contrary, they spoil the show, which is a bit unfortunate, because Martin has some excellent work worth watching, and thanks to the Netflix film, he has lost some of his directorial brilliance. It was hard not to notice Billie Piper as Sam McAllister, the producer of BBC Newsnight, who was presented as a flesh-and-blood character whose ambition and instinct earned him the title of “Strong Subject”.. But that's still one of the few attractions and advantages of this very average drama.

Strong Subject (2024) – Movie Review [Netflix]. Only for a select group of recipients

“Powerful Theme” tells the story of the strength of the human spirit and the triumph of truth over lies. The film shows the important role that the media plays in society. It is also a story about the need for people in power to take responsibility for their actions. Moreover, Netflix's new work can be interpreted in several ways.

For some, it will be a story about the downfall of a powerful man, for others it will be a story about manipulation and sex as tools of power. Still others might see it as a story about the power of journalism and the courage to fight for the truth. And everyone will be right.

I would write that “A Strong Title” is an almost flawless work, its only flaw perhaps being its length – an hour and 42 minutes is too long for this type of production for some viewers. However, the movie is simply boring, so it's clearly not for everyone.

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