These were Klaudia Halejcio's preparations for her fabulous exit.  Did they make it to God?  (photo)

On Thursday, Claudia Halligsio had a great opportunity to “step aside”. The actress was waiting for the premiere of the film “Szczcia chą pami”, in which she played alongside Antek Królikowski. ‘Glam squad’ rose to the occasion?

Following the example of some friends and celebrities, Claudia Halligsio Made a profitable decision to change discipline, “promoted” from actress to parenting influencer. His hard-earned coconut, the enterprising entrepreneur can now invest in the “upgrade” of the $9 million villa, which she repeatedly flaunts on her profile.

During breaks from InstaStories and recording tiktok, Klaudia has to fulfill her obligations to celebrities, which also include being on the walls. On Thursday, the 31-year-old was called up again: the premiere of a romantic comedy Happiness comes in pairsthat appeared next to her Antik Krulikowski.

Before Halejcio arrived on the red carpet, the star was waiting to visit a beauty salon, where a hairstylist and makeup artist are in the sweat of her brow. They made her a god. A photographer chatting nearby captured the intricate process of “plastic surgery” in pictures. Successive layers of foundation, bronzer, shadows, and lipstick were applied to the actress’s face so Claudia could appear on the red carpet like A real star.

See how Klaudia Halejcio’s preparations for an amazing exit looked. Was there a “cool” effect?

Oscar shot anyway

It is popular without photoshop, medium as well as without yeast. These patocelebrytki are just perfect, flawless 😄

Without makeup, you can be afraid; s

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Like the Viktoria B in the less convenient version

Terrible straight brows are like skates but no wonder this is the case with most UK Rainek.

What is the main parental effect 😂😂😂😂

It’s usually average at most, but I have to objectively admit that it was the best look in this premiere.

She made these unnecessarily rolled sausage instead of her mouth.

Yeah… because you don’t wear all the makeup (even on a daily basis – not to mention the movie premieres… you’ll go in sweatpants, shaggy hair, and no makeup, right?) edible, unhappy, and malicious snakes

something for you …

5 hours ago

Yes they did!!! Look beautiful. Anyway, without all the makeup too. He showed the whole preparation process for insta, aaa but you tracked the scandal with malicious tone. How can you be fools to not have complexes? A beautiful natural girl is preparing for an important day for herself… You have to laugh too. mascara.


5 hours ago

Even if she didn’t “go out” she would be beautiful. normal young woman

Despite his wish to be, the god came out of poverty

Here, she thought she was doing this makeup herself. 🤦

Misfortunes come in pairs

who is she? Poodles often write about it and I have no idea where it came from

Someone managed to see what Halejcio was playing on the net. It is interesting, but even more interesting is the fact that Wikipedia shows that she did not finish her studies, because the fact that she was a student of psychology does not mean that she graduated from this college. There is no word for representative studies at all. This wiki has bad data or is it bad in terms of education in Ms. Halejcio?

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