"Millionaires".  Drvengrad or Kustendorf is a village in Serbia built for a movie by who?

in 440 episodesMillionaires“The game was started by a well-known participant in many other game shows, Marek Krukovsky from Kwidzyn. Unfortunately, the participant did not answer the question about the spotted cuckoo correctly and left the studio with a thousand zlotys. Andrei Kawi from Gdynia took his place in the player’s chair.

How was his game in the program?

Drvengrad or Kustendorf is a picturesque village in Serbia, built for the movie by:

  • A: Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • B: Gorana Prigovicia
  • A: Emir Kusturica
  • Dr.: Gina Claude Van Teardrop.

Asking for 5000Asked Hubert UrbanskyAnd It was very difficult. The player requested a life buoy and called a friend. Both were betting The answer is c. Is this correct?

The village of Drvengrad or Kustendorf was created in 2000 for the movie “Life is a Miracle”. The name Kustendorf is a combination of the director’s nickname “Kusta” and the German name “Village” which means “dorf”.

The correct answer to the question is “Millionaires” for c.

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