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“Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”: Dolph Lundgren defends Amber Heard


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“I'm disappointed on behalf of all the viewers because the original script was fantastic and the first version I saw parts of was very good. So I didn't see any reason to resume filming and redo the whole story, which was disappointing of course.” Not only me, but also the viewers.” – added Lundgren.

Even before the premiere of the film, Amber Heard complained that the creators cut too many scenes with her participation.

The actress admitted, saying: “I received the script, and then I received a second copy of the script, from which many action scenes in which I and other characters participated were cut. In general, they cut a lot of scenes with my participation.” She added, “I had to fight hard to stay in the film. They didn't want me to be in it.”

While in the first film of the series we had a love story between the characters of Jason Momoa and Amber Heard in the lead, the plot of the second part will focus on the relationship between Aquaman (Momoa) and his adopted brother Orm (Patrick Wilson)

The director explained, “The first film is a love story with action and adventure, and the second is a love story with action and adventure.” James Wan.

The director confirmed, “I presented it this way from the beginning. The first film was the journey of Arthur and Mera. The second was about Arthur and Orm from the beginning. End of the story.”

Heard recorded all of the scenes for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom before Johnny Depp's court hearing. The actor accused his ex-wife of defamation. During the trial he heard She testified that because of her husband's actions, she was not welcomed in the film and her role was greatly limited.

Meanwhile, talent agent Jessica Kovacevic learned that Mira had lost screen time due to unsatisfactory chemistry between Momoa and Heard. However, she did not deny that other behind-the-scenes matters could have influenced the producers' decision.

The version about the lack of chemistry between the stars was supported by Walter Hamada, the former president of DC Films. According to him, the production did not face any sudden changes in the script and the execution was done very well.

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