October 6, 2022


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It claims to be Italian and sells fake Honda body kits.  "I fell into it"

It claims to be Italian and sells fake Honda body kits. “I fell into it”

We informed the reader about the situation.

The Honda brand has been struggling with the competitive sale of fakes for a long time. Honda publishes on its website a juxtaposition of the original assembler with a fake assembler. That’s it so customers are not deceived. However, it is difficult for a person who does not know the details of the device to guess what is the original and what is an imitation.

One of our readers wrote to us about this – The scammer is selling fake Honda body kits. I just fell in love with her in June 2022. It’s the same guy, presumably Italian, in a hurry to the airport. A cultural, elegantly dressed, he drove a BMW SUV. The power unit looks like new, it is wrapped in foil. Meanwhile, the power written on it and the three-phase socket is lime trees, and the aluminum alternator is unqualified for repair. Aggregate is only suitable for scrap. The reader appeals to all who have been scammed and who have information about a fake dealer to contact us.

According to Honda on the website, the generator set is often not the only fake product. – For many years, impersonators have been copying Honda engines and hardware on a large scale, using Honda colors, designs, logos, markings and even copying folders and manuals. Honda is constantly working to combat the ineffective counterfeiting of counterfeiters to eliminate fraud from the market and protect its customers, existing and potential, from fraudsters selling counterfeit equipment and machinery – Honda announces. You can find more pictures of the original and replica parts over here. -It is worth comparing the photos before the planned purchase.

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