These planes should not be allowed to operate.  They flew ... three times a week

These are two An-26s produced during the Soviet Union. The eldest is 45, the youngest is “only” 40. Both of them traveled from Kostroma (northeast of Moscow) to St. Petersburg three times a week. In Kostroma, Rostransnadzor inspectors noticed a problem with the planes.

It turns out that both devices have significant scratches that prevent safe flights. In one of them, the dent was right next to the engine.

When The Insider portal was created, scratches were to be noticed as early as 2010, and then two years later. However, the planes are approved for traffic and operate regularly on a fixed route.

By decision of Rostransnadzor, the machines were taken out of service until the damage was repaired. In addition, during the examination, it turned out that some of the pilots who used the machines had not completed mandatory training.

Source: “The Insider”

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