Game Awards 2022 promises to be a solid show;  Ads and leaks
November 21, 2022, 19:30

The Game Awards 2022 is fast approaching. On this occasion, we collect official and unofficial information about the games that will appear at the event.

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The Game Awards 2022 will now take place December 9 at 1:30 our time. According to the announcement, about fifty different items will appear at the ceremony. Here you will find a list of titles that will appear at the event According to the available information – official and unofficial. We will update this message when new information becomes available.

  1. The Game Awards 2022 will epitomize this weird year, we know the date

dead space (confirmed)

A new edition will be shown at the ceremony dead spacewhich debuted in January. during the event we will see New gameplay trailer for productions. At the moment, we don’t know any additional details.

Diablo 4 (leaked)

Windows Central reports that debut Diablo 4 Very soon and will take place in April 2023. Officially, the release date will be announced during The Game Awards 2022. At the same time, the pre-sale of the digital and physical version of the title will also begin:

  1. Diablo 4 may come out much sooner than we thought

Final Fantasy XVI (leaked)

Tom Henderson recently published an article on the site indoor gamesThe journalist mentioned this, quoting his sources Pre-sale Final Fantasy XVI It will be launched in December. Most likely, it will happen during the event Organized by Jeff Kelly.

And Hiroshi Takai is likely one of the title’s most recent creators He confessedThat the game is 95% complete. So the premiere may take place sooner than we expect (the official date is summer 2023).

  1. 95% of Final Fantasy XVI complete [Aktualizacja: exclusive dla PS5]

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (leaked)

On Insider Gaming Back There’s another article by Tom Henderson about what we’ll see at the 2022 Game Awards. show Star Wars Jedi: SurvivorAnd the Where we will receive a trailer, the release date of the game, and the start of the pre-sale.

overdose (guess)

horror overdose It is claimed to be a remake of the legendary Hideo Kojima game. newly Back A leak appeared in which a half-naked man gave us 2.5 minutes of gameplay. It is likely that this title will be the result of the developer’s cooperation with Microsoft, and we will see its official announcement at The Game Awards 2022.

  1. New Game Leaks Hideo Kojima; Overdose material is circulating on the web

As we all know, Hideo Kojima loves appearing at Galas hosted by Geoff Keighley. Just remember that this year Back at gamescom opening just to announce his podcast. So it is likely that this time the developer will honor us with his presence.

DLC for Elden Ring (Speculation)

Players specializing in file analysis Elden ring I found many references to unused content in it – including additional content boss squares And the Two new maps. There is no official confirmation at the moment, however fans they speculateAn expansion is being developed for FromSoftware’s latest game and will likely be announced at The Game Awards 2022.

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