Russia and Ukraine war.  Bodies of Russian soldiers transferred to Belarus - Radio Free Europe

Russia’s attack on Ukraine continues for the 26th day. According to Radio Free Europe on Sunday, the bodies of Russian soldiers were transported by trains or planes to Belarus under cover of night to hide the true number of Russian casualties in the war in Ukraine. According to Radio Free Europe, more than 2,500 bodies of Russian soldiers had been transferred by March 13.

Radio Free Europe refers to one of the doctors from the Gomel Regional Clinical Hospital, who, for security reasons, did not want to reveal his name. The radio also cited sources from the city of Mazir, which has a population of 100,000 in the Gomel region, who say that the local morgue was overcrowded on March 3.

By March 13, more than 2,500 bodies of Russian soldiers had been transported, according to Radio Free Europe.

“The city’s main hospital laboratory has been reconstructed”

– The number of bodies there was incredible – says a resident of Mazir, who often travels through the city and the surrounding area on a business trip. He said he saw several “black bags” loaded from military ambulances into Russian railways. – Passengers of the train station in Mazir were shocked by the amount of corpses being loaded into the train. When people started recording the videos, the military caught them and ordered them to take them down, he said.

According to residents in Gomel, the capital of the region, the city’s main hospital laboratory was reconstructed in early March, moving existing equipment and bringing in beds and other medical equipment. Gomel residents told Radio Free Europe that injured Russian soldiers are being taken to three separate medical facilities in the city, including one that specializes in treating cancer.

In turn, a doctor from the main municipal hospital in Mazir said that the facility is currently guarded by the police and security services, and that doctors have been threatened with dismissal if they talk about the situation. All working doctors, even those with other specialties, were authorized to treat the wounded Russians, the doctor said.

Destruction of a Russian tank near Mariupol (07/03/2022)

There are not enough surgeons. Previously, corpses were transported in ambulances and transported on Russian trains. After someone videotaped it and spread it online, the bodies were uploaded at night to avoid drawing attention, the doctor says.

According to several residents interviewed by Radio Free Europe, patients were discharged from Hospital No. 4 in Gomel on March 1 to make way for the injured Russians. – There are a lot of Russian wounded there – it’s just horror. Terribly distorted. One resident who was treated at the hospital said it was impossible to hear their groans throughout the hospital.

Russian tank explosionFacebook / Командування Десантно-штурмових військ Збройних Сил України

Another doctor from Gomel said that fears were growing among city residents that there might be a shortage of daily medicines for the general public. – People are in a state of panic, but so far there is enough (medical) help and medicines. What will happen next, the doctor said, is not yet known. “It’s possible that there will be problems with the anti-tetanus medications,” he adds. Tetanus is a common condition that affects soldiers with gunshot or shrapnel injuries.

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