Prezydent Stanów Zjednoczonych Joe Biden w wywiadzie dla telewizji ABC stwierdził, że chaosu związanego z wyjściem wojsk USA z Afganistanu nie dało się uniknąć. Przyznał jednak, że nie przewidział "dokładnie tego, co się zdarzy".

US President Joe Biden said in an interview with ABC Television that chaos related to the exit of US forces from Afghanistan cannot be avoided. However, he admitted that he did not predict “what exactly will happen.”

We’ll explore this later on, but the idea of ​​a way out [z Afganistanu] without causing a mess – I don’t know how this can be done – Biden said in an excerpt from an interview with ABC television published on Wednesday. This is the president’s first interview after the events in Afghanistan.

Referring to the dramatic scenes from Kabul airport, Biden stated that his first reaction was, “We need to take back control of this.”

We have to move faster with this. We have to move forward by taking control of this airport. And we did it Biden said.

Taliban: There will be no democracy. There will be sharia in Afghanistan

Taliban: There will be no democracy.  There will be sharia in Afghanistan

The president admitted that he does not expect “everything that will happen”.

One thing we didn’t know was what the Taliban would do to let people leave. And what are they doing now? They cooperate, let the Americans out – He said. He admitted, however, that there were “some difficulties” in getting to the airport by Afghans who were helping the Americans in Afghanistan.

When asked about the error that led to the chaotic scenes, Biden began by saying there was nothing wrong, but then corrected himself by answering:

It was a simple choice. When you deal with the government of Afghanistan, the leader of that government, gets on a plane and runs away, when you see Afghan forces lay down their weapons and run away – it just happened. (…]So we initially had a choice of whether we would commit to leaving within the agreed time frame, whether we would extend it until 1 September, or whether we would send more troops there. He said.

President Joe Biden said US forces may remain in Afghanistan beyond the August 31 deadline to evacuate Americans, and the Pentagon added that The US military is currently unable to reach people outside the Kabul airport.

If US citizens stay, we will stay until we take them all Biden told ABC News in an interview on a day many members of Congress pressed him to extend his deadline for the eventual withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

However, Biden made it clear that his goal is to complete the evacuations before August 31, but if that does not become possible, the troops will have to stay longer.

We will do everything we can to continue to try to resolve disputes and establish crossings so that the Americans and their partners can get to the airport. We are currently unable to exit the operation and extend it to Kabul US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told reporters at the Pentagon. He added that the United States expects the Taliban to allow Afghans who want to leave Afghanistan to leave Afghanistan safely.

Austin said there are approximately 4,500 US military personnel in Kabul and “there has been no hostile interaction with the Taliban and our lines of communication with Taliban leaders remain open.”

President Andrzej Duda signed a decree to send an army to Afghanistan

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