These banknotes expire at the end of July!  got them?  Be sure to exchange it on July 9, 2023

What banknotes should be exchanged in July 2023? The banknotes in our wallets do not always retain their validity and value. The owner of the banknote is obliged to exchange it. We suggest how to do it!

Money that is damaged, worn out, torn or broken into several parts – each of us has seen it in circulation. Much worse when they ended up in our wallet. At the cash desk, we can hear the refusal to accept a piece of banknote stuck with adhesive tape, or a bent zloty. so what? It is better to replace damaged funds in advance, because they may expire at any moment.

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Especially for you, we have prepared a cheat sheet on exchanging banknotes that expire from July 2023. In our gallery we explain where to do this and whether we will get the full amount of the value.

If you have a damaged Polish banknote or coin, you can take it to selected branches of the Polish National Bank or to branches of commercial banks collaborating with NBP. There you can submit a request to exchange the damaged coin for an undamaged coin.

In the case of damaged banknotes, the NBP requires that they are mostly complete and original copies. If it is damaged to such an extent that it is difficult to determine the value or there are missing parts, the bank may require additional tests.

As in the case of banknotes, damaged Polish coins can be exchanged for new ones at the appropriate branches of the National Bank of Poland or commercial banks collaborating with the NBP.

It should be noted that the procedures for replacing damaged funds may vary depending on the degree of damage and other factors. Therefore, it is always worth contacting the appropriate branch of the National Bank of Poland or a commercial bank to obtain accurate information on how to exchange damaged money in Poland.

Sending damaged money to the NBP head office does not always lead to an exchange. For example, if less than 45% of the surface of the banknote is in one piece, we will not refund. In the same way, we cannot count on exchange if we bring a single piece of a coin – a ring or a core – to the bank.

In this case, the National Bank of Poland will not only replace the destroyed money with new money, but may also not return the parts sent to it. If the person requesting change does not claim the damaged money within 6 months of sending it to the NBP, the money will be destroyed.

Watch the show(9 photos)

It is happening in Poland and in the world – read on

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