Orlen warns of scams - cars on INTERIA.PL

PKN Orlen, informing about the initiative, explained that in its “Practical About Investing” series, the concern presents techniques used by fraudsters, as well as ways to avoid unfair practices.

PKN Orlen has launched an education campaign warning of attempts at online fraud, the company announced Monday. He pointed out that “the media campaign and warning against false advertisements that use the image of BKN Orlin is being carried out on social media for concern.”

– Fake ads appear mainly on popular social networks, including on Facebook, but also on YouTube and other websites, and even in correspondence. They encourage investments in shares of PKN Orlen and investment projects to be implemented by Concern and thus allegedly provide high profits – explained in the information. As emphasized, “PKN Orlen is not the organizer or partner for this type of business.”

The company noted that fake advertising illegally uses the name, trademarks and even the image of representatives of the company and state institutions – “in order to make the planned fraud credible, criminals also publish illegal images of members of the board of directors and key managers of the PKN. Orlen in their ads, often They give false information.”

– Investment in PKN Orlen instruments may be made by individual investors only through licensed brokerage houses and banks that carry out brokerage activities, the full list of which can be found on the website of the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority – Concern stated.

He also emphasized that “direct contact of PKN Orlen with potential investors” is only through official websites – orlen.pl and orlenwportfelu.pl or official profiles in social media.

PKN Orlen also stressed that it “never contacts clients with an offer of individual investments”. “Please be extremely careful and report false advertising and fraud attempts to [email protected] or to the relevant law enforcement authorities” – the concern was appealed.


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