There will be new penalties.  An EU official revealed the first details

Borrell made it clear Subsequent sanctions will apply to “the banking sector, and more Russian banks will be excluded from the SWIFT system. – Regarding energy, we are working on preparing proposals that will allow us to reduce energy imports from Russia, in particular oil, said the head of EU diplomacy.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, is due to present the sixth package on Tuesday Sanctions against RussiaOn Monday, the Politico website, citing anonymous European sources, said that the main point would be to resign from importing Russian oil.

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New sanctions against Russia

It’s completed The European Commission is likely to propose transition periods for Hungary and Slovakia due to the degree of dependence of these two countries on Russian oil and the difficulties they encounter in finding alternative supplies. The European Commission wants to refuse in this way Threatening to veto from Budapest or Bratislava Against the new sanctions package, says Politico.

Borrell stressed that he hoped the European Union could take “measures to significantly reduce these imports”, but stressed that there was no agreement yet from all members of the group.

– However, I am convinced, at least with regard to oil imports, that such an agreement will be possible before the next meeting of the Council – he added, referring to the upcoming meetings of the European Union Foreign Affairs Council, scheduled for May 10-16. .



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