Turkey bombs Kurdish settlements in Syria

The Turkish authorities blamed the attack in Istanbulas a result 6 dead and 80 wounded, The outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party and affiliated Syrian Kurdish groups. Hardline Kurdish groups said they were not involved in its implementation. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack so far.

On Saturday, air strikes targeted Kobani, a strategic town near the border with turkeyAnkara had previously tried to seize it as part of its plans to create a “safe zone” along the border with Syria, and two villages inhabited by displaced Kurds.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense publishes a video with a commentary about “destroying dens of terror”.

Syrian opposition media reported that Turkish airstrikes targeted positions of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces. There was no official news of casualties, although pictures of a girl and her father are already circulating on social media, claiming they were killed in the Turkish bombing.

In neighboring Iraq, the US Consulate General in Erbil said it was monitoring “credible reports” of possible Turkish military action in northern Syria and northern Iraq.

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