There is a labor shortage in Germany.  There will be great facilities for foreigners

The German government is well aware of this. Recently, German Economics Minister Robert Habeck on the government portal “Make it in Germany” made a direct appeal to foreigners: “We need you” – “we need you”.

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It will be easier to get asylum in Germany

The role of foreigners in the German labor market was also appreciated by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who in turn appealed to facilitate the procedures for granting German citizenship to immigrants.

In practice, the new regulations have already been settled. The government coalition of the Social Democrats (SPD), the Greens and the Free Democratic Party has reached an agreement on this issue. Changes will be applied Among other things, the Asylum Law will increase the opportunity for people with a tolerated residence status. The facilitation shall also apply to the immigration of specialized workers, The process of granting them citizenship will also be simplified.

Practically, as of October 2022, anyone who has lived in Germany for five years is under the permitted stay He will receive a “trial residence permit” for a period of one and a half years. People who have not committed any crimes will be able to obtain a normal right of residence during this time. The procedure is to cover about 136 thousand. foreigners.

However, there is a condition: you need to know German well, earn a living by your work, and also “convincingly prove your identity.” After fulfilling these conditions, you can obtain the right of permanent residence in Germany.

The German government also wants That all asylum seekers They can take part in integration and language courses regardless of their chances of obtaining a right of residence. Another facility is also to speed up asylum procedures by, for example, faster transfer of specific cases to the Federal Administrative Court.

The pool of people entitled to a Blue Card will be expanded

The German Employment Agency appreciates this Germany needs an influx of 400,000 people every year. Professional workers from abroad. The proposal, which aims to increase the attractiveness of our western neighbor in the eyes of qualified personnel from third countries, is to include, among other things, the facilitation of family reunification. Relatives of employees will no longer have to provide proof of German language skills before entering Germany.

Germany’s ruling coalition also wants to lower the minimum income for a so-called blue card. Recall, the so-called blue card, which is similar to the American “green card”, was introduced in Germany ten years ago. Thanks to it, university graduates can immigrate to Germany without the verification procedure, and only have an employment contract from a German employer.

The minimum income for which you are entitled to a “blue card” exceeds PLN 50,000. euros per year. Meanwhile, there are many industries where there is a shortage of workers, for example in the medical industry, information technology or among engineers, low salaries prevail. The lowering of the threshold is intended to enable young, junior employees who earn less to get the card as well.

The same applies to the German government Increasing the category of persons entitled to a “blue card” by persons who have not completed their higher education.

New to the German system will be the so-called chance card

Also new is a new so-called “opportunity card”, based on a points system, which aims to enable foreigners to enter Germany to search for work or vocational training. The card is issued on the basis of “qualifications, language skills, work experience and age”.

Other proposed changes include a reorganization of the issue of granting German citizenship.

Anyone who wants to stay in Germany permanently and work here must also have the right to vote, to choose and to stand for election. Chancellor Olaf Schultz also announced at the conference “Germany, the Country of Immigration…Dialogue of Participation and Respect” that he has the right to be part of our society, with all the rights and obligations that come with it. According to the new law, a foreigner who has the right to reside in Germany has the right to apply for citizenship after five years, instead of eight.

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