2.3 A PLN to break into a Gmail inbox.  This is how much Russian hackers cost to work

For several months, a journalist at Forbes tracked down a group of hackers known as RocketHack. It was spied on by a Dutch IT company that specializes in tracking hackers. The journalist saw, among other things, the price list of the hackers and a page where RocketHat members described cases of subsequent customers.

According to the price list, the cost of hacking a Gmail account is 40,000. rubles (2.3 thousand PLN). An account on ProtonMail, which is considered a very secure service, costs 50 thousand. rubles (2.8 thousand PLN). Break into the company’s mailbox at least 30,000. rubles (1.7 thousand PLN).

Hackers do not break into mailboxes directly, but capture their passwords by sending fake emails to recipients, encouraging them to visit websites created by hackers and entering their data there.

Of the 3.5 thousand, among the victims of the RocketHat missile were two candidates for the presidency of Belarus, as well as government officials and politicians, among whom were from Armenia, Ukraine, Russia, Slovakia, Norway, France and Italy. Forbes does not say whether there are Poles on the list of victims, but reports that RocketHack hacked into the accounts of journalists (including in Uzbekistan) and activists of non-governmental organizations, as well as doctors and employees of cryptocurrency exchanges.

It is not known who hires RocketHack, but Dutch specialists say that the company hires everyone, regardless of whether they represent governments or private foundations and companies.

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