Will a popular actor return to Star Wars?  The character is expected to appear in the Mandalorian movie

The Star Wars universe is constantly evolving. In fact, every few weeks we get something new – sometimes a big announcement, sometimes a trailer for a new game, and sometimes just the first trailer for a long-awaited game. Who would have expected that everything would move so quickly! Furthermore, the film's theme of Mandalo and Grug only heightens this.

It is no secret that in this case we are talking about a long-awaited item. On the one hand, opinions about the final season of “The Mandalorian” were somewhat different, but on the other hand… for many, the series is still one of the best, When it comes to the world of Star Wars. For this reason, you need to put a lot of effort into producing a feature film – for example, by recruiting famous actors.

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One of them, for example, is Giancarlo Esposito, who broke into the mainstream with his excellent role in “Breaking Bad.” Later, there was a lot of talk about him, and his appearance in “The Boys” and “The Mandalorian” and even in the game “Far Cry 6” received widespread and positive attention. As he himself admitted, he loves Star Wars and would like to appear in a movie Created for the big screen:

I love Star Wars. I don't have any plans because no one has contacted me. I like Moff Gideon though […].

I went back to Season 3 of The Mandalorian and I didn't have a mustache. Then I saw all these cloned characters… Connect the dots!

Well, even though the actor is only explaining the potential return here, there's no doubt that he would very much like to do so. And it's hard to imagine that Disney wouldn't take advantage of such an opportunity — no matter how you look at it, we're dealing with one here Written example of a “crowd favourite”.

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