Janusz Rewiski managed to get off the "Siara" patch, but gave up his role in the cult.  Today he has a different job

Amusement by Tey and Olga Lipińska, roles in Series And films such as “The Ring and the Rose”, “Akademia Pana Kleksa”, “Tigrysy Europy” or “Zmiennicy”, the sharp wit of the co-host of the program “Ale plama” – Janusz Rewiński He is an actor with a sense of humor and comedic talent. But although he led him to the Sejm, thanks to the Polish Party of Beer Friends, created by Rewiński, many associate the actor primarily with one very special role. Of course, the movie is about gangster Stefan “Ciara” Siarzewski from Julius Macholsky’s “Kiler” and its sequel “Two Kilers”. Siara’s scripts are cult today, but the role made Mr. Janusz fall down a staircase he was never able to get out of. Perhaps he could have done so had he accepted the role that was offered to him, which made one of his co-workers very popular. However, this did not happen, and in the absence of interesting proposals, Janusz Rewiński withdrew from the world of show business and found a safe haven away from the glare of flashes. Today, he is engaged in a completely different profession, however, as he claims, a sense of humor is also very useful.

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Cesare told Bazora how to keep fit. diet? None of these things!

mechanic on stage

Born on September 16, 1949 in Chari, in a family from the Eastern Borderlands, Janusz Rewiński from Baby He was distinguished by a wonderful sense of humor and acting talent. However, the boy was taught early on that no one managed to make a living by joking. Therefore, when he grew up, he decided to get a “decent” profession. He graduated from the technical school of building aircraft engines and became a mechanic. But a local teacher, a Polish teacher, noticed Janusz’s acting talent. She encouraged the young boy to develop, instilling in him a love of literature and art. So one day Janusz decided to try his hand at the acting exam at the Krakow State Drama School. Not believing him, he went on the first try.

While studying in Krakow, Janusz Rewiński was a frequent guest on Piwnica pod Baranami. There, on stage, he saw the performance of Wiesław Dymny. As he remembers years later, his older friend liked him very much.

I was going to Piwnica pod Baranami and I wanted to be like them. I like Wiesław Dymny. There was a kind of passion and power over the audience in him. In a nightclub, the actor is a little Fuhrer. He stands on stage and knows what to do with people to make them laugh whenever he wants. This guy does nothing else, he just stands and talks. Nothing protects him, no makeup and no costume hiding under it. I wanted it to be my profession – Janusz Rewiński explained in an interview with Polityka.

At Piwnica pod Baranami, Janusz Rewiński took his first steps on stage, appearing in “Meetings with Ballade” led by Wiesław Dymny. He was then best known for his monologue “Fiut”, which was deciphered as “film and possibly television”. Then, after graduating from acting studies in 1972, he left for Pozna, where he played in the Polish theater, among others, in the roles of Wacław and Papkin in Alexander Fredero’s “Zemście”. But at that time, the performances of Janusz Rewiński in Tey Cabaret along with Zenon Laskowik brought the greatest popularity. The hall was always bursting at the seams with spectators tearing their sides with laughter. And although censorship in the People’s Republic of Poland did not allow the authorities to officially parody the recordings, mocking the absurdities of communist reality, pirate tapes spread like hot cakes. Poland laughed, for how long, at Rewiński, Laskowik and Bohdan Smoleń’s jokes.

Keeler. 25 years ago, the blonde in “Ciara” was delighted with her beauty. How do you look now?

Not just a car

From Pozna, Janusz Rewiński traveled to Warsaw. There he caught the attention of Olga Lipinska herself, who engaged him in her record-breaking cabaret. Thanks to him, Janusz Rewiński, who created a funny character for director Miśek in Lipińska, also became very well known. No wonder he was soon invited by the cinema too. Mr. Janusz’s debut was in the movie “To Only Rock”. The following roles correspond to the image that Rewiński has been faithful to since his studies – a tough bearded man.

It was while I was studying in Krakow in 1968. Then there was a time when everyone had facial hair. First, I grew a mustache, then a beard … Since then, I could not tear myself away from it – recalled Janusz Rywinsky in an interview with the magazine “Świat i życia”

In the 80s, we could see Janusz Rewiński in such films and series as “Akademia Pana Kleksa”, “Ring and Rose”, “Zmiennicy” or “Klementynka i Klemens”. In the 1990s he appeared in “The Kidnapping of Agata”. But then came the role that brought him the greatest popularity. Of course I’m talking about gangster Stefan “Ciara” Siarzewski from Julius Macholsky’s comedy “Kiler” and its sequel “Two Kilers”. Many fans even claim that Janusz Rewiński stole the show from the main character, played by Cesare Bazora, and Siara’s texts, such as: “Tight, you broke the golden chicken eggs” or “And the whole complex plan went wrong”, became . She gained popularity thanks to the role of Siara, however, she also had her dark side – Janusz Rewiński was so attached to this role that it was difficult for directors to imagine him in another role. In 1999, he played the mysterious businessman Edward Nowak in Jersey Groza’s TV series “Tigers of Europe”. But then came a proposal that could have given Janusz Rewiński a chance to change his image. It is about the main role in the series “Świat according to Kiepskich”. However, after reading the script, the actor refused the proposal. He finally played the role of Ferdinand Andrzej Grabowski and today it is difficult to imagine anyone else in this role.

More photos of Janusz Rewiński can be found in the gallery above the article

Janusz Rewiński and Natasza UrbańskaJanusz Rewiński and Natasza Urbańska KAPiF

Janusz Rewiński never acknowledged or regretted not taking on the role of Kiepski. But although many associate him primarily with the gangster Ciara, the actor can also boast of other achievements – also in other areas. At the beginning of the 90s, Janusz Rewiński was among the founders of the television program and the association “Scouts Piwni”. What was originally meant to be just another joke has become surprisingly dangerous over time. The association was transformed into a party – specifically the Polish Beer Friends Party. Although hard to believe today, the PPP was able to enter Parliament for even one term. Officially, the party’s goal was to promote a cultured style of drinking beer in English-style pubs as an alternative to consuming vodka and thus combating alcoholism. The PPPP election program included, among others, this point:

We have no illusions that the Pole will abstain from voting. Just don’t let him drink vodka. Savory, cold and aromatic beer can also be used to toast. (…]You can exchange views with beer, it is easier to come to an agreement and get along with beer. Let’s agree, let’s be tolerant, understanding and compliant

From screen to role

The Polish Party of Beer Friends ended in 1993. But Janusz Rewiński did not lose interest in politics. Since 1998, he has commented with Krzysztof Piasecki on events in the Polish political scene on the station’s satirical programme. TVN “What a disgrace.” Over time, Mr. Janusz began to express his right-wing views more and more. In 2004, the program disappeared from the air. Phones with more suggestions stopped ringing. From September to October 2010, on TVP1, Janusz Rewiński hosted with journalist Joanna Fudala the show “Siara in the Lobby”. In the Houses of Representatives, the satirist asked the deputies difficult naive questions. The last program was broadcast on October 3, 2010. In 2015, Rewiński got involved in the presidential campaign of Andrzej Duda, a candidate of the PiS. In 2019, ahead of the House and Senate elections, he appeared in an electoral space in favor of Law and Justice. Then Janusz Rewiński disappeared and his fans wondered what happened to their favorite.

The satirist’s career is over. It’s full of epigones, fakers, and hobbyists. I am not an employee. TVP quit me, quit TVN, cinematography doesn’t exist. There was Ciara, there was Nowak, she played some songs, maybe that’s enough – Janusz Rewiński explained the reasons for his departure from show business in an interview with Polityka

One day the actor learned from his friend about the possibility of buying land at an attractive price. This is how he became the owner of a large plot of land in the village of Dzielnik near Mińsk Mazowiecki. He lives there with his wife, with whom he has two adult sons. As he argues, life away from the limelight serves him well.

On 12 hectares of land I have a forest, fish ponds, meadows and pastures. I have four horses, ten sheep, four goats, chickens and ducks. I mow lawns, dry hay, cut branches, and secure fuel and wood for the winter – Janusz Rewiński admitted in a comment to WP.PL

He added that to become a farmer in Poland, you also need a sense of humor.

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