"Life - Play It Right": Norby and Okas Nowicki in the new social campaign

Poles drink alcohol more and more often and often access various stimulants. In Greater Poland, the situation was no better – he was raucous about the 16-year-old from Kościan, who was admitted to hospital with four out of a mile of alcohol in his blood. The age at which alcohol is started is also troublesome. Today he is 12 years old.

Łukasz Nowicki and Norbi, an actor and musician who currently hosts popular game shows, participated in the campaign. The campaign takes place in the framework of a TV show where everyone can win anything, but they must make the right decisions. Hence the main message of the project: “Life – play it right.”

Nowicki admitted that he has never hosted a game show like the one created for the campaign. – Or maybe differently, maybe I’ve run it all my life, maybe each of us is the host of a game show about our lives? – The actor asks.

In turn, Nurbey shared some personal thoughts about his life experiences:- My most important decision in the game of life was to stop all addictions. It took me a long time, of course, before I matured for that, but I did.

“Life – play it right.” Information

The campaign serves to prevent addiction among children and adolescents, but is also directed at families who are understood as the environment in which life situations are formed as soon as possible and powerfully.

On the work page www.dobrzetorozegraj.pl You can watch three videos – three episodes of the game show. They mention alcohol and drug addiction, as well as domestic violence. The short educational video games will be mainly posted on social media, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Everyone will be able to play with Norby and Okash Nowicki. The project will be implemented by the end of the year.

The educational campaign “Life – Play It Right” is funded by the Wilkopolska Region Autonomous Government. It was opened by an expert debate with the participation of Norby and Okasz Nowicki, available at: https://dobrzetorozegraj.pl/popatrz.

Do you need help? Help lines

If you are a minor and feel that you need help, support and conversation, there are institutions in Poland that you can turn to:

  • Helpline for children and adolescents operated by the Empowerment of Children Foundation – 116111; Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week; The call is free. There is a group of teachers and psychologists on the phone who have experience working with people in difficult life situations who need help.
  • Children’s Ombudsman for Children Helpline – 800 12 12 12; 24/7 phone; The call is free
  • Child safety phone for parents and teachers – 800100100; Open Mon. – Friday at 12-15 hours; Free and anonymous telephone and online help for parents and educators who need support and information in preventing and assisting children with problem and difficulties resulting from problematic and risky behaviors such as: aggression and violence at school, cyberbullying and threats related to new technologies, sexual abuse, palpation Psychotropic substances, addiction, depression, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders
  • National Drug Fund Helpline, Drug Addiction – 80019990; Open daily from 16-21; The call is free
  • Antidepressant Forum Antidepressant Phone – 00 91 22594; Opens Wednesday and Thursday from 17-19
  • Behavioral addiction helpline – 801889880; Open daily from 17-22
  • “Orange Line” – help system for parents whose children get drunk – 801 14 00 68; Open Monday to Friday 14-20 (information and intervention phone); A hotline is a form of support for parents concerned about the safety and health of their children; Who feels helpless in the face of a teenager looking for alcohol

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