Michau Bajor remembers the sex scenes with Christina Yanda!  She was the one who taught him

Bajor played his first ‘unclothed’ role with Beata Taizkevich in Agnieszka Holland’s short film An Evening at Abdona. In a post shared on Facebook and Instagram, Bajor stated that they were very concerned about the age difference between them (19). In addition, he had not yet reached the age of majority at that time. Agnieszka Holland found a way to reduce the embarrassment of both actors. “The director, in front of the intimate scene,” recalls Bajor, “we relaxed with a decent drink …”.

The second time was “in Philip Pagon who dismantled half of the team and my brother with whom I played in the gentlemen’s house, so I had no choice …” – the artist added later in the post. The situation he described happened on the set of the filming of the movie “Limousine Daimler-Benz”, in which Piotr Bajor also starred.

Michael Bajor is best remembered for the third film in which he had to act nude – “In broad daylight” by Edward Chebrowski. “I had a couple of scenes like this with the adorable Krystyna Janda. She approached the awkward teenage and very inexperienced actor in a very professional, friendly and humorous way. He taught the mother to give birth + babies, which made the team laugh and comfort me, and as a result she chose the course of action herself.. And I would be stupid. I am also comfortable, ”- admitted the singer.

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Although Bajor asserted that he does not like to undress in front of the camera and belong to this group of actors “who are very embarrassed, even if it is absolutely necessary to make the film”, fan comments show that he did. very seldom. “I like the so-called disjointed scenes, but like these + undisclosed, a little hidden, in the dark, in the shadows … But for you, Michai, I would have nothing else. Every scene – even in the spotlight, I will enjoy Watching ”- the actor was praised by one of the netizens. Another wrote, referring to the aforementioned Christina Janda: “Well…many of them are jealous of this scene.” (life PAP)

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