There have never been smartphones like this before.  A well-known manufacturer is preparing a new product

Realme has been present in our market for a long time and during this time the company has released many great devices. However, recent information confirms that a completely new series will appear alongside the existing series.

The Redmi Note is undoubtedly one of the most popular smartphone series, although the roots of its popularity go back to another company. The Samsung Galaxy Note started the trend of all Note devices, which – at least initially – primarily featured a larger diagonal screen. now. When the vast majority of smartphones are large, manufacturers eagerly use this name. Realme will be the next company to showcase its 'Note'.

Realme Note 50 is coming, and the company has never had such smartphones before

Realme smartphones include base models including mid-range offerings, C and Narzo series with budget devices, and the GT flagship. There has been no Note series yet, but there have been several leaks on the Internet stating that the manufacturer will present the first such model, which will be the Realme Note 50. Interestingly, the representative of the new family will be a more budget option than most of the models available to the manufacturer.

One that will offer, above all, a large screen and a large battery. So far, we know of one basic model in the 4G version, the manufacturer's codename is RMX3834, which has appeared in the certification bodies NBTC and EEC. Realme Note 50 specifications include a 6.67-inch HD+ LCD display with a drop-shaped camera notch, a UNISOC processor, a dual array of cameras on the back (13-megapixel with a 0.8-megapixel module), a 5-megapixel front camera, a selfie camera, and RAM. 4GB capacity with 64GB built-in data space. Battery capacity is 4890 mAh. It will support 10W charging.

The smartphone looks very standard and should be affordable for everyone – its cost should not exceed 500 PLN (if it goes to Poland). Therefore, it will be another smartphone for very economical people, which will most likely be offered by operators in promotional packages. Interestingly, Realme has decided to use the 'Note' nomenclature on its base smartphone model, since the competition tends to use this Note in mid-range devices – like the Redmi Note or Infinix Note.

For now, there's only talk about a potential premiere Realme Note 50 In India – The leaks do not mention the global launch of this device. Therefore, we are not sure whether the equipment will come to Europe and Poland, but at the same time we cannot rule it out.

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