The cult of pregnancy - a review.  This game is not that bad
August 10, 2022, 5:00 p.m.

The friendly Lamb leads the worship of the followers of the demonic deity. Is – and to what extent – the cult of pregnancy misleading?

It has long been known that what is lined with contradictions and disagreements sells well. This is the concept he seems to stick to Pregnancy worship, roguelike with elements of economic strategy. After all, it is enough to take a look at this game to realize that its slightly bloated visuals are completely separate from the demonic savage content. This inconsistency—combined with the wonderful straight-from-the-toy animation and pleasing to the ear, though disturbing and acoustic—could provoke some controversy.

Two worlds and the hereafter

Whenever the plot begins with the beheading of the mystical protagonist. Instead of giving up the ghost, Lamb stands before the chained person who waits – a mysterious being with plans for us bigger than death. and what? It’s simple – Aries is destined to start a sect and gather followers. This is to aid in the subsequent murder of the executioners of the lamb – the four bishops of the ancient faith – who are also behind the imprisonment of the person waiting. basic?

playing in Pregnancy worship It consists of two complementary parts. The first is the widely understood management of the headquarters, which also acts as a hub and enables the development of both the Sheep Champion and the entire caste. In the second, the most important is fighting and roguelike crossing the next rooms in order to get the best equipment and resources to expand the base.

Kill to continue living!

Of course, most of the game focuses on cutting your way through one of the four lands – to get to the final boss of each, the aforementioned Bishop of Old Faith, you have to complete the paths of a certain biome and eliminate the sentinel standing at the end of it not once, but up to four times to break the seal and open the temple The hidden devil. At this point, it’s worth noting that the bosses are thoughtful and varied, which makes fighting them a challenge, although it shouldn’t overwhelm you – you just have to watch out for enemy attacks (just touching an enemy doesn’t reduce the limited number of hearts yet). It’s really hard to get in Pregnancy worship Blame your failures on RNG.

This Game Isn't That Bad - My Pregnancy Worship Opinion - Illustration #1

The worship management department was also done very well. For the collected raw materials, we can build decorative and functional buildings (like, say, latrines, without which the cult will take care of their physiological needs wherever they go – literally), but we must also not forget to ensure that the cultists go to sleep with full stomachs and have a place to fly for that. Otherwise, he might piss them off—just like we decide to wake them up to perform a party or ritual, for example. Because in addition to food, the prayer that the enchanted forest creatures taught is also important – it allows you to construct new buildings and introduce new regulations that work in the virtual community. However, the animals do not work all the time, due to the circadian cycle – although they can also work day and night if we encourage them to.

Is this a bad game?

In fact, there is not much controversial content here. Sure – you can make poison and give it to uneasy believers. Certainly – there is also the option to sacrifice a creature. Finally, it is clear – in the event that a sheep hero dies on the road, you can eat the vitality of a cult in order to revive your life at the cost of his. Generally the evil that can enter into it Pregnancy worship Commitment, there are a few – but they are all just shocking the first time, and then – practically not at all.

Father wrote. Pregnancy worship In Father’s article. Upcoming first offers for this month. Having spent dozens of hours with this title, I have to check my opinion on the subject, simply because it is a solid and fun roguelike game – with unforgivable gameplay and some brutal solutions that only make an impression once. But below PLN 90, for which the creators would like to have the opportunity to try this title, is the most fair price – at least in the context of the adequacy of the required payment for quality Pregnancy worship It does not raise any controversy. But just to be sure, children should not come close to this production more than 6.66 meters – because you never know…

My opinion on the worship of pregnancy


  1. Great gameplay (both in the “administrative” part and in the typical roguelike part);
  2. Gorgeous animations and the most enchanting jungle creatures are ready to entice their favorite captain… literally;
  3. dense atmosphere and a pleasant, albeit disturbing soundtrack;
  4. creative chiefs – each of them, including the youngest, has its own unique lifestyle;
  5. Fair game, no excuses from RNG;
  6. The price for the quality!


  1. Technical defects and errors that make it impossible to visit specific sites;
  2. It can be boring in longer sessions;
  3. Over time, the controversial actions of the sheep are no longer controversial …

Final Rating: 8/10

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