Great offers in Steam Spring Sale 2024 for less than PLN 30
20 Mark 2024, 14:27

At the end of the Steam Spring Sale, we have prepared for you a list of noteworthy products that cost less than PLN 30 as part of the promotion. In the list you will find, among others: adventure games, action games, FPS, RPG and strategy.

The Steam Spring 2024 Sale will end tomorrow evening, in the previous days we have already prepared several articles for you with interesting promotions (including those that recommend cheap RPGs and strategies, as well as games that are worth buying for mods). Before the sale period ends, we want to present the last batch of promotions, including noteworthy products that cost less than PLN 30.

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals for PLN 24 – the cheapest ever

You can buy them very cheap in the spring sales oxenfree 2: missing signals, Any continuity adventure game Popular production from 2016. As part of the promotion, it was reduced to 24 PLN and was not very cheap at all (the previous lowest price was 50 PLN in the Steam Winter Sale).

In the game we play the role of a young woman who returns to her hometown and must solve the case of a mysterious transmission. The production offers an engaging plot, beautiful graphics and gameplay where we also have to solve puzzles in addition to making decisions.

  1. Capture steam: 90% positive reviews
  2. Balance: 6 GB
  3. Language version: Polish translation

Oxenfree II: The Lost Signals on Steam

Templar Battleforce for PLN 13.79

The following suggestion is very niche, but definitely worth your attention. Templar Battleforce It is a turn-based tactical game with RPG elements, clearly inspired by the cult Space Hulk In its original form on the table.

In the game, we lead a unit of Space Knights who undertake increasingly dangerous missions against alien civilizations. The game has simple 2D graphics with a top view that will not impress anyone. However, the magic of the production lies in the gameplay. It offers an improved turn-based combat system, diverse and interestingly designed missions, intelligent enemy AI and very extensive development mechanics.

  1. Capture steam: 93% positive reviews
  2. Balance: 250 MB
  3. Language version: English

Templar battleforce on steam

Plus for PLN 21.59

A trilogy of shooters released in the 1990s coming down It is a cult series. Many developers tried to create a worthy successor, and this resulted in many interesting elements, however None of them were as successful Excess.

The game takes everything people love about it Lineage In many ways it improves on the formula of this series. The result is a real gem that sets a new standard in the 6DoF shooter category (“six degrees of freedom” in English). However, this success should not be surprising, because it was developed by the veterans who were responsible for the trilogy in the 1990s. coming down.

  1. Capture steam: 94% positive reviews
  2. Balance: 8 MB
  3. Language version: English

Excess steam

Not allowed for PLN 18.89

The last game I want to recommend to you is Unavowed. This is the latest production of the Wadjet Eye Games studio known to fans of adventure games, which has produced titles such as Shardlight Or series Blackwell.

The game offers an urban fantasy story, presenting a vision of modern-day New York, where a parallel society of magicians thrives secretly from ordinary people.. unpublished Not only does it tell a great story, but it also surprises you with its gameplay. Challenges are largely non-linear, our decisions greatly shape the progression of the plot, and the player can choose between four companions, each with unique abilities.

unpublished It is one of Wadjet Eye Games' greatest works and perhaps the best classic point-and-click adventure game of the last decade. This is the kind of game that could have easily been published by Sierra or LucasArts in the mid-90s, and today we remember it as a classic.

  1. Capture steam: 95% positive reviews
  2. Balance: 250 MB
  3. Language version: English

Unauthorized steam

A handful of other strategies within the PLN 30 Steam Spring Sale 2024

  1. AI: Somnium Files (English version) For 28.59 Polish zloty
  2. Vein Code (English Version) For PLN 29.85
  3. Deadbolt (English version) For PLN 8.99
  4. Far Cry 3 (Polish translation) For PLN 19.97
  5. Far Cry 4 (Polish translation) For PLN 23.98
  6. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (Polish translation) For PLN 10.79
  7. Just Cause 2 (Polish subtitles) For 5.39 Polish zloty
  8. Just Cause 3 (Polish subtitles) For 11.10 Polish zlotys
  9. Kingdom Come: Redemption (Polish translation) For 25.34 Polish zlotys
  10. Need for Speed ​​Heat (full version in Polish) For 14.49 Polish zloty
  11. Need for Speed ​​Unbound (full version in Polish) For PLN 29.99
  12. Definitive foreign edition (Polish translation) For PLN 25.35
  13. Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2: Deluxe Edition (Polish subtitles) For 19.48 Polish zlotys
  14. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments (Polish translation) For PLN 12.90
  15. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (full version in Polish) For PLN 17.99
  16. Star Wars: Squadrons (Polish translation) For PLN 8.99
  17. Titanfall 2 (full version in Polish) For PLN 11.99
  18. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege (Polish translation) For PLN 15.98
  19. Undertale (English version) For PLN 10.79.
  20. Wilcin: Lords of Chaos (Polish translation) For 14.29 Polish zloty

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