Google will benefit smartphone owners with a precious novelty

Google has unveiled a new service that will provide privacy for Android users. Developers can test it now.

With iOS 14.5, Apple introduced an important feature of its mobile system – the transparency of Apple tracking. The assumption is to ensure that users are protected against app developers being tracked. Did you pass the exam? This is a topic for another conversation. But it was definitely a step in the right direction.

So I am glad that a similar function will appear soon in Android. Named the Google equivalent of ATT privacy protection And at some point it will become an integral part of the green robot. But for now, the beta version of the solution has been made available to developers.

Privacy Sandbox – New Tool Available for Developers

The Privacy Sandbox testing program is expected to run throughout 2022. The solution itself is to ensure greater anonymity for users, but without isolating advertisers from the possibility of ad rating.

How will it work in practice? in assumptions Applications will run in an isolated environment. Thanks to this, they will not be able to collect information about the identity and activity of users from other sources. Instead, the data needed for profiling will be provided using API themesthat is, lists of general topics that a particular user is interested in.

This design aims to ensure data security and greater user control. The transparency of the solution must be ensured by the fact that Work on it is carried out within the framework of the initiative AOSP (Android open source project), i.e. the open source part of Android.

There is nothing else to do but keep your fingers crossed for the success of the entire project and hopefully we don’t throw an even bigger whip on ourselves this way.

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Text source: The Hacker News

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