Microsoft is considering fighting the energy crisis
November 7 2022, 21:14

Microsoft is considering features that will allow gamers to reduce power consumption while gaming. Of course, at the expense of resolution settings, fps and graphics.

Image source: Microsoft.

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For years, Microsoft has announced that it is focusing on Reducing carbon dioxide emissions. By 2050, the company wants to The complete elimination of the so-called carbon footprint, That is, the pollution caused by the company since its establishment (ie 1975).

Besides, the giant from Redmond does not stop at itself. In a new poll for Xbox Insider Hub members Microsoft asked its customers about issues related to energy savings at the expense of gaming performance (Across Windows Central).

Lower frames per second and save energy - Microsoft thinks of fighting the crisis - Illustration #1

A survey by Microsoft shows that the Redmond giant wants to make it easier for gamers to save energy.Source: Windows Central.

The questionnaire includes points on energy consumption during the game and its fees. Then it appears Ask if the user is interested in options that improve graphic settings in order to save energy. This would take into account, inter alia, changing the resolution, disabling some visual effects and reducing the smoothness of the animation.

The survey also addressed the issue of reduced resolution or FPS when the game is inactive, and whether these changes will negatively impact the user experience of the game.

naturally It does not have to translate into specific Microsoft activities. However, these questions show that the company is interested in a similar solution. This is not surprising in the context of the energy crisis affecting the whole of Europe (for example Germany).

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