The young couple was silent.  Came to their wedding - O2

This sudden situation occurred at the country hotel Fawsley Hall. James and Nikki Rodnite had their wedding there. At the same time, the hotel guest was also Keanu Reeves, who is making a Disney + documentary in the area.

Keanu Reeves at the wedding

The husband noticed him near the tavern, so he came and told him that he had just married. He invited Keanu to come say hi and have a drink with us if he wanted – the bride says “Newsweek”.

The actor was very nice and promised to stop by later. The young couple thought he sold them too culturally and wouldn’t appear at the party. They were glad he spoke to them at all. To their surprise, the actor had already come to the party.

An hour later, a hotel employee approached the bride and said that a special guest was waiting outside. When I went out to see who he was, I realized it was Keanu Reeves himself.

It was all really exciting. I left, said hello, recognized him and offered him a drink. He replied that he had a long journey behind him and that he could not stay long, but he was kind enough to congratulate us on the wedding – said Nikki Rodnight.

The actor did not stay long, but had time to shoot with the bride, groom and guests. He spoke to quite a few people and was very friendly with everyone. Everyone was amazed by this visit.

We are his big fans. I love The Matrix, but I’m also a huge fan of the John Wick movies. said the bride.

According to media reports, the 57-year-old went to dinner at a local bistro – The Fox and Hounds in Charwelton. There he also took pictures and chatted with his fans. The owner said he couldn’t believe his eyes.

He’s just a humble nice guy who was really nice to everyone. Everything I thought was true. Stop and take pictures with customers and employees. There wasn’t much to him, he just spent a lot of time chatting with everything. Danny said he ate a Caesar salad, a falafel dish, and a couple of whiskeys.

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