Product Demonstrates Moon Knight with limited relationships with the MCU

Series producer Grant Curtis has commented on the relationship with other productions belonging to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In conversation with the portal film revealed that work moon knight It takes place within the MCU, but at the same time is very different from the rest of the studio projects.

I think our focus on one character makes Mark Spector’s story enduring. It’s been a huge problem for us choosing subjects that have appeared on comic book panels for decades. It was a great opportunity to tell this character’s story without any connection to other MCU projects.

This means that knowing other products from the Marvel Cinematic Universe will not be necessary to watch them moon knight. So this is very good news for people who wanted to get to know the new Marvel hero, but didn’t get the chance to see the rest of the series and the world of cinema.

I remember that moon knight The series tells the story of Mark Spector, who suffers from a mental disorder. He became the chosen one of the moon god Khonshu, thanks to which he became the nickname Moon Knight.

The series will start on Disney+ tomorrow. However, Polish users will have to be patient, because the US audio and video service will catch up with us market June 14 this year. The site also includes sections for brands like National Geographic, Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar.

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