The worst thing that can happen to our productivity.  The famous billionaire tells us what makes us waste time at work

Mark Cuban — world-famous entrepreneur, investor known as “Shark Tank,” owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball club and father of three — has a schedule so busy he can waste no time, we read on CNBC Make It.

In an interview with bestselling author Chris Foss on the interactive streaming platform Fireside, which Cuban co-founded, the billionaire was candid about his dislike of get-togethers. In his opinion, most of them are sidetracked by frivolous chats that lead to People, instead of working towards a productive agenda, use their energies on small nonsense conversation.

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This meeting could be via email.

Cubana’s busy schedule makes work count It is preferred to communicate via e-mail, “instead of organizing everything around other people,” and his well-known aphorism: “This meeting could have been by e-mail.” As CNBC Make It writes, strict time management and working to a set schedule is sacred to the billionaire, and meetings and video calls that involve adjusting to others’ availability usually disrupt the established system.

His reluctance to meet has been going on for years. Cuban admitted in an interview with Voss that early in his career, When he had to organize a meeting, he got rid of all the chairs in the conference roomSo that everyone who participated in it is in a standing position.

“It’s amazing how quickly meetings end when there’s nowhere to sit,” he joked.

As you can guess, Cuban’s idea didn’t get approval and it didn’t become a long-standing principle at the company. As he explains, early in his career he may not have had “enough authority” to pursue an innovative policy of getting rid of chairs.

More and more “calls” into action. Companies lose money on this

A 2019 survey by consulting firm Korn Ferry found that more than half of employees think meetings distract from work, CNBC Make It reports. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the shift to remote work, the situation has only gotten worse.

Physical meetings have evolved into virtual meetings on platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Slack, and their number has grown. As a result, according to Microsoft research, Three times more people are now participating in Teams meetings than in February 2020. – We read.

As we wrote in, according to the calculations of Professor Stephen Roglberg, an expert in management and psychology at the University of Charlotte in North Carolina, companies lose a lot of money through meetings that may be emails. They waste about $25,000 per employee per year. That was appreciated For an organization that employs more than 5,000 people, it causes losses of up to 101 million US dollars. annually.

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