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They were supposed to save Europe from disaster. But this won't happen


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According to the report European Association Heat pumps, Last year achieved amazing sales results for these devices. After years of increasing popularity, there came a period when its sales declined significantly. The third quarter of 2023 will witness a significant decline compared to the same period in 2022. Only two countries have seen an increase in the popularity of heat pumps – Germany and the Netherlands. In the remaining markets surveyed (including Finland, Sweden, Denmark, France, Italy and Norway) there were declines.

It turns out that the most environmentally friendly way of heating a home is beginning to lose supporters. What could be the cause of this situation?

Decrease in sales It may result from ambiguous communications from decision-makers in individual countries. Add to that the combination of changing government policies and subsidies, lower natural gas prices, and unchanged electricity prices, and we end up with a situation where consumers are less willing to consider these solutions.

This is a huge risk, especially since we are in a period of deep decarbonisation. The European Commission has already announced draft changes aimed at improving the heating situation on our continent. Where is Poland in all this?

Heat pumps are very popular in our country, although there is a clear decline in interest in some types of these devices. This includes: Air and water heat pumps, as reported by based on data from the Polish Organization for the Development of Heat Pump Technology. They are more popular, for example Floor models.

However, Polish heat pump owners will face other problems, not necessarily the result of falling sales or interest in the technology. This is a wave of inspections that may reveal a lot of truth about the pumps installed in Polish homes in the coming year. It turns out that a large part The hardware comes from China.

These units do not have appropriate technical standards and pose a threat to users, and are neither environmentally friendly nor effective enough. We reported on inspections related to Chinese heat pumps newly. We just have to wait and see what information they will provide and what awaits heating in Poland in 2024.

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Echo Richards
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